1. PICF Committee warmly invites all choirs from all over the world to participate in our event, Penabur International Choir Festival (PICF 2022)

2. Please observe the conditions related to each category: number of songs, age limit, and video duration

3. The choir may register for more than one category. The repertoire for each category must be different.


Please send the link of the video(s) with the subject  “PICF 2022 VIDEO SUBMISSION – [YOUR CHOIR NAME] – [DATE OF REGISTRATION]” to

Below are the video recording rules.

  • Video recorded in 2019 or after will be accepted, alive performance for Online Category and edited performance for Virtual Category
  • In case of performance time excess, points will be deducted from the choirs overall score.
  • For Online Category, the video must be recorded without any aid of audio post-production.
  • For Online Category, each song should be shot in one continuous take. Editing is not allowed such as correcting vocals using any effects and edit video during the performance.
  • The video must be in .Mov or .Mp4 Please send the video(s) through Youtube link AND Google drive
  • Video must be recorded in High-Definition (HD) with clear picture and sound.
  • In case you are submitting performances recorded on different occasions, please join the video(s) and submit only one link.
  • For Online Category, the video must show the singers (full height). Choir must be clearly visible.
  • The committee reserves the right to change the participation category if the repertoire that is presented does not meet the requirements of the selected category
  • In addition to piano, a maximum of three instruments can be used. Pre-recorded accompaniment track, microphones and electronic amplifying devices are not allowed

Below are the repertoire rules.

  • 1 (one) copy of each repertoire 
  • A letter stating that your choise has fulfilled all obligations with regard to copyright of your repertoire/payment receipt


 1. Intonation

Pitch accuracy, interval and harmony

2. Sound quality

Vocal and performance, including sound quality, vocal technique, balance, blending and other vocal aspects

3. Fidelity to the score

Fidelity to the score, including rhythm, diction, expression, and other music requirements

4. Overall artistic impression

Overall artistic impression, including style, interpretation, musicianship, programming, and beyond.

For criteria A and B the jury will evaluate the performance of each piece individually.

For criteria B and C the jury will evaluate the overall performance of the whole repertoire.