Awarding Rules

  1. Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded based on the score of each participant.
  2. Choirs with gold medal and the highest score in each category (online and virtual) will be named “Category Winner”
  3. The juror will nominate the choirs from online category for the Grand Prix Competition
  4. The choirs with the most jurors’ votes in the Grand Prix Competition will be named “Grand Prix Winner”
  5. The choirs from virtual category with the highest score will be named “Virtual Award Winner”
  6. The jurors will evaluate the overall artistic quality of each video and present medals according to the following system:

Gold Medal:                         80.00 – 100.00

Silver Medal:                       60.00 – 79.99

Bronze Medal:                     40.00 – 59.99


Category Winner

1st prize                                    IDR     5,000,000

2nd prize                                   IDR     4,000,000

3rd prize                                   IDR     3,000,000

Virtual Award Prize                 USD             750

Grand Prix Prize                      USD          1,000

Special Awards

  1. Best Conductor
  2. Best Folksong Performance
  3. Best Artistic Effect
  4. Most Promising Choir