Ir. Antono Yuwono

Chairman of the Board BPK PENABUR JAKARTA

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is only by His Grace, that we are able to organize this 5th PENABUR International Choir Festival, starting from 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019 and now 2022. As always, there will be hundreds of participating Choirs from all around the world. What a grand spectacle it will be!

We have been living with this Pandemic for more than two years now, and we all have to adopt a new way of living. And in response, a new way to hold a Choir Festival as well – A Virtual and Online Festival! With it, come a whole new set of rules and regulations to join and compete!

A Choir training is a very good activity for the character development of the Choir members, as they will learn how to coordinate, to collaborate, to work as a team and not an individual, to have leadership qualities and many more. As we all know, those skills are known as the basic soft skills–as opposed to hard skills. Nowadays, in this rapidly changing world in which we live in, someone who masters good soft skills will have a better chance to survive and adapt, no matter how harsh and challenging the surroundings are.

BPK PENABUR Jakarta – as one of the biggest educational institutions – has always put Christian Characters at the forefront of its teachings, along with the system we coined as 4C core competencies: Coordination, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, and Creativity in tandem with Academic studies as demanded by the National Curriculum. And last but not least, teaching all our students to be lifelong learners.  Some of these competencies could be found in the choir training.

We proudly welcome Choirs all around the world, to come and join the festivities, be happy, be merry and get acquainted with your peers. Have a pleasant Festival with us!

Thank you for visiting us and God be with you all.

See you all in September 2022

Eliezer Marthenny Kaeng

Chairman of PICF Committee

Dear Family and Friends of PICF 2022,

Covid-19 pandemic has heavily wounded our world with serious consequences impacting all communities. No exception to the world of art and music, and choir in particular. However, one thing we can be sure of is that music heals. We all want to play music and sing to touch the hearts of those who listen. 

This little hope gives a ray of light in the darkness and transforms the sadness into wonderful innovations in the world of music. Musicians around the world devotedly go online to share and perform their music. For all choirs in the world, this is truly a breeze of fresh air in the middle of despair. The longer the pandemic has affected us, the more out-of-the-box digital solutions were developed to support choirs to sing together again. 

PICF 2022 wants to be part of each and every choir’s new musical journey and become a breeze of fresh air for them. With online and virtual categories, we want to provide a media for choirs with different local pandemic situations to keep singing and share their joy in music to the world. We have more categories to have as diverse and extensive participation as possible. The regulations have been adjusted to give enough flexibility without sacrificing the international standards of Penabur International Choir Festival we have built along the years. 

On behalf of PICF 2022 committee members, I wish to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to our internationally acclaimed artistic team and panel of jurors for your commitment and support.  We are delighted and humbly proud to have all of you onboard. We also want to thank all the board members and employees of BPK Penabur Jakarta for always promoting this event as one of our means to implement Education 4.0 and lifelong learning. 

Last but not least, to all participants, we thank you for your excitement, love and trust in our event and we welcome you to PICF 2022. Together we make the world sing again.