• Bengt Ollén is Sofia Vokalensemble’s founder and constant conductor.
  • Since 1995 he’s led the vocal ensemble with great passion and a never-dying enthusiasm. His leadership has formed Sofia Vokalensemble to a positive and resolute choir through musical development.
  • Bengt’s vision is to create music “beyond the notes.” The music that the choir presents shall not only consist of beautiful rings and fine musical interpretations. The music shall also move the listener. Therefore each singer’s commitment is a very important piece in the musical progress.
  • Bengt constantly works on strengthening the choir’s group dynamics. For example he often uses creative improvisation practices as work method, which often leads to exciting concert pieces and melody interpretations. Bengt never ceases to encourage communication between the singers, both in the musical format but also socially, outside rehearsals. For the music to succeed, everyone needs to take part; that is Bengt’s musical belief.
  • Bengt has studied under Gösta Ohlin and Gunnar Eriksson at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg and in 1981 he formed the Vocal Ensemble Amanda. Studies in orchestra-conducting under Lennart Hedvall, Jorma Panula, Robert Reynolds and Everett Lee. Bengt is also the founder and the conductor of Södra Dalarnas Chamber Orchestra, 2003. Yearly this orchestra take part in the festival “Musik vid Siljan”. During these years from 2003 Bengt has directed all the major important works for choir and orchestra from the Barocque to the 20th century at this festival.
  • Bengt is frequently engaged as adjudicator in competitions, guest teacher, teacher in conducting and as conductor at festivals, workshops and concerts, nationally and internationally. Since 1994 he is working as a teacher of choir singing at the international well known Stockholms Musikgymnasium . With his choirs he has achieved great success in the choir competition around the world.
  • The performances of Sofia Vocal Ensembles under Bengt Olléns conducting are characterised by a Swedish excellent choir-sound, presence and a joy of singing which have proved successful in international competitions and concert all over the world.
    www.sofiavokalensemble.com http://www.sofiavokalensemble.com/en/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76ifMCwOQ_U&list=FLb_rkAo_Z0KQcsSoCYFeNHw