Ir. Antono Yuwono

Ir. Antono Yuwono



Ladies and gentlemen,

It is with the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that we may organize the 4th Penabur International Choir Festival (PICF). In Septermber 2 to 7, 2019 , there will be hundreds of Choirs, from various provinces in Indonesia, and also International Choirs even as far away as Japan and Latvia will perform and competes in PENABUR International Kelapa Gading, Jakarta.

By organizing this event, BPK Penabur Jakarta wishes to nurture our students with BEST Character, which is an acronym for :
Be Tough
Excel worldwide
Share with society
Trust in God

By taking part in a choir, the members are taught to persevere, always push their effort to be the best they can, share the beauties of choir singing with audiences, and to put everything in God’s hand.
All the contestants are winners, as they get medals for their performances. We teach them, that competing doesn’t have to be a winner or loser. it is to enjoy the warmth of friendship with other choirs, to meet new friends either from Indonesia or abroad and to test our skills and try to reach the pinnacle of our efforts.

This 4th PICF, we welcome choir experts and contestants from other countries and it includes choirs and experts from different continents.

They will perform together with Indonesian choirs from 14 provinces, totalling about 151 choirs in 187 Perfomance slots.
So please join us to see their powerful performances, extravagant costumes, and also unique and fascinating choreographies in 11 categories.

Finally, as we live in a rapidly changing world, Penabur Jakarta will try to nurture our students the ability to adapt in any possible situations they will possibly face in their adult lives, and also for them to be lifelong learners, as we believe those traits are some of the core competences needed to survive nowadays.

Thanks for visiting us, and be sure to join us in September.
See you all there.

God bless you all